Alten Limpurg – Frankfurt

Alten Limpurg is located on the famous „Römer“ of Frankfurt’s old town, here you can find a perfect little break.
Or a long one. Whatever you like.

But the “purg”(came from the german “Burg”), in our name does not come from the fact that it once used to be a castle. Rather, in the late Middle Ages, an association of Frankfurt's most important council families was founded and in 1495 acquired the house in which our restaurant is located today. The Limpurgergasse, a place dedicated to the merchants of Limburg an der Lahn, was situated directly next to the community. That made the naming of the building obvious. The families then started to run their businesses under the name “Alten Limpurg “.

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday

09.00AM - 01.00AM


Römerberg 17, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

+49 69 92883130


Our traditional commitment: In our “Hessian Cuisine” you will find all kind of delicacies freshly prepared every day. Enjoy the different regional specialities that we, as proud Frankfurters, prepare for you with passion and dedication.

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Alten Limpurg is located centrally on the Römerberg.

Not so far from the banks of the Main river, you will find a historical surrounding. Since the middle ages, the Römerberg has been the centre of the old town and in modern years, together with the town hall, it became a political place. On the 20th of May 2018 the place was transformed for public viewing of the winners of the DFB Cup: Eintracht Frankfurt.